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  Molecular  Popular
Description: Starting with a bit of soundscape and some rhythm, going in to blast beats.
Filesize: 2.78 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2653

  Kamikaze  Popular
Description: Grinding & flying Japanese airfighter takes away all your hope. Short straight forward track, reflection of a Kamikaze: suddenly it's there, and before you know it, all is over.
Filesize: 2.30 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2523

  Ruins  Popular
Description: Longer track, much variety, very industrial and full of blastbeats, then turning for a moment into soundscape and then again it beats the place up. For extremity-lovers only!
Filesize: 7.14 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2516

  Reasoning Corrupted  Popular
Description: Short and angry, do I need to say more? Download!
Filesize: 1.93 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2461

  Progression Towards Demise  Popular
Description: Grindcore and technobassdrums follow eachother up. It was fun writing this tune.
Filesize: 3.88 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2519

  No Control  Popular
Description: Grindcore,industrial, beats & cuts : nice song with variety.
Filesize: 3.87 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2445

  Main System Breach  Popular
Description: Fast parts, and haunting catchy mid-tempo grooving parts, fast parts again… A track to throw yourself (or somebody else) through the room.
Filesize: 3.83 MB
Added on: 06-Oct-2008 Downloads: 2506

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