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  Alien Il Est Vraiement Pas Net Ce Gars  Popular
Description: Do you love Extratöne music ? Sure you don't ! Anyway I made this track to show to everyone that i'm not crazy. (Extratöne Speedcore)
Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 11-Mar-2010 Downloads: 2448

  Doomed Society  Popular
Description: The world we are living in is going to die soon! But we are not dead yet!!! So listen to this track and say you are happy! (Fast Ambiant Industrial Breakcore)
Filesize: 3.87 MB
Added on: 23-Feb-2009 Downloads: 3111

  Raclement de neurones  Popular
Description: Speedcore attack ! Made only with one bass drum and a lot of effects with my tracker. (Speedcore)
Filesize: 2.90 MB
Added on: 27-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2956

  I just want your vagina  Popular
Description: Frenchcore could be good if it isn't mixed with r'n'b music. This track has been made to be allowed to play my music in "french tribecore freeparties" (Hard "french" core)
Filesize: 2.96 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 3032

  Frottis vaginal  Popular
Description: The pain while taking a gynecological exam. For you girls! (Noise Hardcore)
Filesize: 5.80 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2968

  Bourré dans un club à putes en Espagne  Popular
Description: A bad experience in a spanish brothel. Made just after a 2 months trip in Spain. (Breakcore)
Filesize: 5.73 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2900

  Emma  Popular
Description: Rage against someone. Don't be scared, it's just for fun. Short and agressive track, one of my favourite track I've ever made! Grindcore spirit!! (Breakcore)
Filesize: 2.06 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2903

  Je vous hais tous  Popular
Description: This track try to mix ambiant and hard drums with tempo variations. To be continued... (Breakcore)
Filesize: 2.62 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2828

Description: Please turn off your radio or I kill you! (Noise Breakcore)
Filesize: 5.78 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2919

  Clones  Popular
Description: Walk on the street and look around you. They are all the same. (Fast Industrial Hardcore)
Filesize: 4.80 MB
Added on: 09-Nov-2008 Downloads: 2741

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